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Babbling Arrested, Backward, Blithering, Bubbling, Burbling, Crackbrained, Cracked, Crazy, Cretinistic, Cretinous, Delirious, Dithering, Dizzy, Driveling, Drooling, Giddy, Guggling, Gurgling, Half-Baked, Half-Witted, Idiotic, Imbecile, Imbecilic, Incoherent, Lapping, Lightheaded, Maundering, Mentally Defective, Mentally Deficient, Mentally Handicapped, Mentally Retarded, Mongoloid, Moronic, Not All There, Off, Plashing, Rambling, Ranting, Raving, Retarded, Rippling, Simple, Simpleminded, Simpletonian, Slobbering, Sloshing, Splashing, Subnormal, Swishing, Trilling, Wandering