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Baby Elzevir, Milquetoast, Adolescent, Angel, Apprentice, Babe, Babish, Baby Bunting, Baby-Doll, Baby-Sized, Babyish, Bambino, Bantam, Bantling, Banty, Beginner, Big Baby, Broad, Buttercup, Catechumen, Cater To, Cherub, Chick, Chickabiddy, Chicken, Chicken Liver, Child, Cocker, Coddle, Colleen, Compact, Cosset, Cotton, Coward, Crybaby, Cutie, Dame, Damoiselle, Damsel, Darling, Dear, Deary, Deb, Debutant, Demoiselle, Diminutive, Doll, Doll-Like, Dollish, Doormat, Dote, Dry-Nurse, Duck, Duckling, Dull Tool, Duodecimo, Entrant, Favor, Filly, Flame, Fledgling, Fraid-Cat, Fraidy-Cat, Frail, Freshman, Funk, Funker, Gal, Girl, Girlie, Gratify, Greenhorn, Greeny, Gutless Wonder, Handy, Heifer, Hon, Honey, Honey Bunch, Honey Child, Hopeful, Hoyden, Humor, In Arms, In Diapers, In Nappies, In Swaddling Clothes, In The Cradle, Inamorata, Incubator Baby, Indulge, Infant, Infantile, Infantine, Invertebrate, Jellyfish, Jeune Fille, Jill, Junior, Junior Miss, Juvenal, Juvenile, Kittenish, Ladylove, Lamb, Lambkin, Lass, Lassie, Learner, Lightweight, Lily Liver, Little Angel, Little Darling, Little Missy, Little One, Love, Lover, Mademoiselle, Maid, Maiden, Meek Soul, Mewling Infant, Microcosm, Milksop, Mini, Miniature, Miniaturized, Minikin, Minimal, Minny, Minor, Minuscule, Miss, Missy, Mollycoddle, Mouse, Namby-Pamby, Nebbish, Neonatal, Neonate, Neophyte, Nestling, Newborn, Newcomer, Nonentity, Novice, Novitiate, Nursling, Nymphet, Pamper, Pansy, Pantywaist, Papoose, Pet, Petkins, Piece, Please, Pocket, Pocket-Sized, Pony, Precious, Precious Heart, Preemie, Premature Baby, Preschooler, Probationer, Pubescent, Puling Infant, Puppet, Pushover, Raw Recruit, Recruit, Romp, Rookie, Sad Sack, Sapling, Satisfy, Scaredy-Cat, Schoolgirl, Schoolmaid, Schoolmiss, Sissy, Skirt, Slip, Small-Scale, Snookums, Softling, Softy, Sop, Spoil, Sprig, Steady, Stripling, Subdeb, Subdebutante, Subminiature, Subteen, Subteener, Suckling, Sugar, Sweet, Sweetheart, Sweetie, Sweetkins, Sweets, Teenager, Teener, Teenybopper, Tenderfoot, Toddler, Tomato, Tomboy, Tot, Toy, Trainee, Truelove, Twelvemo, Tyro, Vest-Pocket, Virgin, Weak Sister, Weakling, Weanling, Wench, Wet-Nurse, White Feather, White Liver, Yearling, Young Creature, Young Hopeful, Young Person, Young Thing, Younger, Youngest, Youngling, Youngster, Youth