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Back Scratching Apple-Polishing, Ass-Kissing, Backscratching, Barter, Bootlicking, Brown-Nosing, Cringing, Even Trade, Fawnery, Fawning, Flunkyism, Footlicking, Groveling, Handshaking, Influence Peddling, Ingratiation, Insinuation, Lobbying, Lobbyism, Logrolling, Mealymouthedness, Obeisance, Obsequiousness, Parasitism, Political Influence, Pork Barrel, Prostration, Public Opinion, Social Pressure, Special-Interest Pressure, Sponging, Swap, Swapping, Switch, Sycophancy, Timeserving, Toadeating, Toadying, Toadyism, Trade, Trading, Truckling, Tufthunting, Wire-Pulling