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Backward Micawberish, Olympian, A Priori, A Rebours, A Reculons, About, Afraid, Aft, After, After Time, Aftermost, Again, Against The Grain, Ago, Aloof, Anticlockwise, Apathetic, Arear, Around, Arrested, Arsy-Varsy, Ascending, Ass Over Elbows, Ass-Backwards, Astern, Averse, Away, Axial, Babbling, Back, Back When, Back-Flowing, Back-To-Front, Backwards, Balking, Balky, Bashful, Behind, Behind The Times, Behind Time, Behindhand, Belated, Belatedly, Benighted, Bigoted, Blank, Blind, Blithering, Blocked, Bottom Side Up, Bottom Up, Burbling, Capsized, Chary, Checked, Chiastic, Chilled, Chilly, Coarse, Cold, Conservative, Constrained, Contrarily, Contrariwise, Conversely, Cool, Counter, Counterclockwise, Coy, Crackbrained, Cracked, Crazy, Cretinistic, Cretinous, Crude, Dallying, Deep Into, Delayed, Delayed-Action, Delaying, Demure, Descending, Detached, Detained, Die-Hard, Diffident, Dilatory, Dillydallying, Dim, Dim-Witted, Discreet, Distant, Dithering, Down-Trending, Downward, Drifting, Driveling, Drooling, Dull, Dumb, Early, Easygoing, Embryonic, Everted, Ex Post Facto, Expressionless, Far On, Feebleminded, Flowing, Fluent, Flying, Fogyish, Foot-Dragging, Forbidding, Frigid, Fro, Frosty, Going, Gone By, Grudging, Guarded, Gyrational, Gyratory, Half-Baked, Half-Witted, Head Over Heels, Heels Over Head, Held Up, Hesitant, Hidebound, Hind, Hinder, Hindermost, Hindhand, Hindmost, Hindward, Hindwards, Hung Up, Hyperbatic, Icy, Idiotic, Ignorant, Imbecile, Imbecilic, Impassive, Impeded, Impersonal, In A Bind, In Abeyance, In Embryo, In Ovo, In Reverse, In The Rough, Inaccessible, Indifferent, Indisposed, Inside Out, Into The Past, Introverted, Invaginated, Inversed, Inversely, Inverted, Jammed, Lackadaisical, Laggard, Lagging, Late, Latish, Lax, Lazy, Lingering, Loath, Loitering, Maundering, Medieval, Mentally Defective, Mentally Deficient, Mentally Handicapped, Mentally Retarded, Modest, Mongoloid, Moratory, Moronic, Mounting, Narrow, Never On Time, None Too Soon, Nonprogressive, Not All There, Obstructed, Obtuse, Offish, Old-Fashioned, Old-Fogyish, Old-Line, Opposed To Change, Outside In, Over, Overdue, Oversimple, Palindromic, Passing, Perfunctory, Plunging, Poor, Posterior, Posteriorly, Postern, Preservative, Procrastinating, Procrastinative, Procrastinatory, Progressive, Quiet, Reactionary, Rear, Rearmost, Rearward, Rearwards, Reductionistic, Reductive, Reflex, Reflowing, Refluent, Regressive, Reluctant, Reminiscently, Remiss, Remote, Removed, Renitent, Repressed, Reserved, Restive, Restrained, Resupinate, Retarded, Reticent, Retiring, Retrad, Retral, Retroactive, Retroactively, Retrograde, Retrogressive, Retrospective, Retrospectively, Retroverted, Reverse, Reversed, Right-Wing, Rising, Rotary, Rotational, Rotatory, Rough, Roughcast, Roughhewn, Round, Round About, Rude, Rudimental, Rudimentary, Running, Rushing, Self-Effacing, Set Back, Shrinking, Shuffling, Shy, Sideward, Simple, Simpleminded, Simpletonian, Simplistic, Since, Sinking, Slack, Slobbering, Slow, Slow To, Slow-Witted, Slowed Down, Sluggish, Soaring, Standoff, Standoffish, Standpat, Stopped, Streaming, Struggling, Stunted, Stupid, Subdued, Subnormal, Suppressed, Tail, Tailward, Tailwards, Tardy, Thickheaded, Timid, To The Rear, Topsy-Turvy, Transposed, Turned Around, Ultraconservative, Unaffable, Unapproachable, Unassertive, Unassured, Unblown, Uncongenial, Uncultivated, Uncultured, Uncut, Undemonstrative, Underdeveloped, Undeveloped, Uneager, Unenlightened, Unenthusiastic, Unexpansive, Unfashioned, Unfinished, Unformed, Ungenial, Unhewn, Uninformed, Unlabored, Unlicked, Unpolished, Unprocessed, Unprogressive, Unpunctual, Unready, Unrefined, Untimely, Untreated, Unwilling, Unworked, Unwrought, Unzealous, Up-Trending, Upside Down, Upside-Down, Upward, Vice Versa, Widdershins, Withdrawn, Wrong Side Out, Wrong-Way, Wrong-Way Around