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Bad Blood Acrimony, Animosity, Animus, Antagonism, Antipathy, Bad Temper, Bad Will, Bitter Feeling, Bitterness, Blighting Glance, Clashing, Collision, Competition, Conflict, Contrariety, Contrariness, Cross-Purposes, Disaccord, Dissension, Enmity, Evil Disposition, Evil Eye, Feud, Fractiousness, Friction, Hard Feelings, Hostility, Ill Blood, Ill Feeling, Ill Nature, Ill Will, Ill-Disposedness, Inimicalness, Malevolence, Malocchio, Negativeness, Noncooperation, Obstinacy, Oppugnancy, Perverseness, Rancor, Recalcitrance, Refractoriness, Repugnance, Rivalry, Soreness, Sourness, Uncooperativeness, Vendetta, Venom, Virulence, Vitriol, Vying, Whammy