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Bad Ok, Abhorrent, Abominable, Abomination, Ace-High, Ailing, Alarming, Amiss, Apocalyptic, Arrant, Atrocious, Atrocity, Bad For, Bad-Smelling, Badly, Baleful, Bane, Baneful, Bang-Up, Barfy, Base, Befoulment, Below Par, Black, Blamable, Blameworthy, Blight, Blue, Bodeful, Boding, Bonzer, Boss, Brackish, Bully, Bum, But Good, Cankered, Careless, Carious, Castrated, Cloying, Contaminated, Cool, Corking, Corrupt, Corruption, Crackerjack, Crappy, Crestfallen, Criminal, Crippled, Critical, Critically Ill, Crying Evil, Damage, Damaging, Damnable, Dandy, Dangerous, Dangersome, Dark, Decayed, Decomposed, Defective, Deficient, Defilement, Dejected, Deleterious, Delicious, Depressed, Despaired Of, Despoliation, Destruction, Detriment, Detrimental, Dire, Disabled, Disagreeable, Disconsolate, Diseased, Disgrace, Disgraceful, Disgusting, Disordered, Disorderly, Dispirited, Displeasing, Disruptive, Dissatisfactory, Distasteful, Distressing, Done For, Doomful, Down, Downhearted, Dreary, Ducky, Dying, Emasculated, Error, Evil, Evil-Starred, Evilly, Execrable, Expiring, Explosive, Fab, Facing Death, Faint, Faintish, Fateful, Fecal, Feeling Awful, Feeling Faint, Feeling Something Terrible, Festering, Fetid, Fine And Dandy, Flagitious, Flagrant, Foreboding, Foul, Fraught With Danger, Froward, Frowsty, Frowy, Frowzy, Fulsome, Funky, Fusty, Futile, Game, Gamy, Gangrened, Gangrenous, Gear, Given Up, Gloomy, Going, Gone Bad, Graceless, Graveolent, Great, Grievance, Groovy, Halt, Halting, Hamstrung, Handicapped, Harm, Harmful, Hateful, Havoc, Heavy, Heinous, High, Hobbling, Hopeless, Hot, Hunky-Dory, Hurt, Hurtful, Icky, Ill, Ill-Advised, Ill-Behaved, Ill-Boding, Ill-Considered, Ill-Fated, Ill-Omened, Ill-Smelling, Ill-Starred, Ill-Suited, Ill-Timed, Immoral, Impolitic, Improper, In Articulo Mortis, In Danger, In Extremis, Inaccurate, Inadequate, Inadmissible, Inadvisable, Inappropriate, Inapt, Inauspicious, Incapable Of Life, Incapacitated, Incongruous, Indecorous, Indisposed, Inept, Inexpedient, Infamous, Infamy, Infected, Infection, Infelicitous, Inferior, Iniquitous, Iniquity, Injurious, Injury, Inopportune, Insalubrious, Insanitary, Insufferable, Intolerable, Invalid, Jam-Up, Jeopardous, Just Dandy, Keen, Knavery, Knavish, Laid Low, Lame, Limping, Loathsome, Lousy, Low, Lowering, Maggoty, Maimed, Mal A Propos, Malapropos, Malevolent, Malodorous, Marvy, Mawkish, Mean, Menacing, Mephitic, Miasmal, Miasmic, Mildewed, Mildewy, Misbehaving, Mischief, Mischievous, Miserable, Moldy, Monstrous, Morbid, Morbific, Moribund, Mortally Ill, Mortified, Moth-Eaten, Musty, Nasty, Naughty, Nauseant, Nauseating, Nauseous, Near Death, Neat, Necrosed, Necrotic, Nefarious, Nidorous, Nifty, Nobby, Noisome, Nonviable, Not Quite Right, Not Respectable, Noxious, Null And Void, Objectionable, Obliquity, Obnoxious, Odorous, Of Evil Portent, Off, Off-Base, Off-Color, Offensive, Okay, Olid, Ominous, Out Of Place, Out Of Sight, Out Of Sorts, Out-Of-Line, Outrage, Overripe, Parlous, Pathogenic, Pathological, Paw, Peachy, Peachy-Keen, Peccancy, Peccant, Periculous, Perilous, Perverse, Pestiferous, Poison, Poisoned, Poisonous, Polluted, Pollution, Poor, Portending, Portentous, Punk, Putrefied, Putrescent, Putrid, Rancid, Rank, Reasty, Reasy, Rebarbative, Reechy, Reeking, Reeky, Reprehensible, Reprobacy, Reprobate, Repulsive, Ripping, Rocky, Rotten, Rotting, Rough, Rowdy, Rowdyish, Ruffianly, Rum, Scandal, Scandalous, Scrumptious, Seedy, Septic, Serious, Shame, Shameful, Sick, Sick Unto Death, Sickening, Sickish, Sin, Sinful, Sinister, Sinking, Slap-Up, Slipping, Slipping Away, Slipshod, Smashing, Smellful, Smelling, Smelly, Solid, Somber, Something Else, Sour, Spavined, Sphacelated, Spiffing, Spiffy, Spoiled, Stale, Stenchy, Sticky, Stinking, Strong, Stuffy, Stunning, Sulfurous, Suppurating, Suppurative, Swell, Tainted, Taken Ill, Terminal, Thankless, The Worst, Threatening, Tough, Toxin, Turned, Ugly, Ulcerated, Ulcerous, Unacceptable, Unbefitting, Unbehaving, Under The Weather, Undesirable, Uneasy, Unfavorable, Unfit, Unfitting, Unforgivable, Unfortunate, Ungracious, Ungrateful, Unhandsome, Unhappy, Unhealthful, Unhealthy, Unhygienic, Unkind, Unlucky, Unmeet, Unpardonable, Unpleasant, Unprofitable, Unpromising, Unpropitious, Unruly, Unsanitary, Unsatisfactory, Unseasonable, Unseemly, Unskillful, Unsound, Unspeakable, Unsuitable, Untimely, Untoward, Unwell, Unwholesome, Unwise, Unworthy, Venom, Vexation, Vicious, Vile, Villainous, Villainy, Void, Vomity, Weevily, Wicked, Wizard, Woe, Woebegone, Worm-Eaten, Wretched, Wrong, Wrongly, Yucky