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Baffle Addle, Amaze, Babble, Bafflement, Balk, Ball Up, Bamboozle, Be Greek To, Be Beyond One, Be Too Deep, Beat, Beat One, Befuddle, Bewilderment, Bilk, Blast, Boggle, Bother, Brave, Buffalo, Cast Down, Challenge, Checkmate, Circumvent, Confound, Confoundment, Confront, Confuse, Confusion, Contravene, Counter, Counteract, Countermand, Counterwork, Cross, Cushion, Damp, Dampen, Dash, Daze, Deaden, Deafen, Defeat, Defeat Expectation, Defy, Destroy, Dilemma, Disappoint, Discomfit, Discomposure, Disconcert, Disconcertedness, Disconcertion, Disconcertment, Discountenance, Dish, Disillusion, Disrupt, Dissatisfy, Disturbance, Dull, Dumbfound, Elude, Embarrass, Embarrassment, Enigma, Escape One, Faze, Fix, Floor, Flummox, Fog, Foil, Frustrate, Fuddle, Get, Gibber, Jam, Keep In Suspense, Knock The Chocks, Let Down, Lick, Lose One, Maze, Mix Up, Muddle, Muffle, Mute, Mystery, Mystify, Need Explanation, Nonplus, Not Make Sense, Not Penetrate, Pass Comprehension, Perplex, Perplexity, Perturbation, Pickle, Plight, Pother, Predicament, Problem, Puzzle, Puzzlement, Quandary, Rattle, Riddle, Ruin, Sabotage, Scotch, Scrape, Soft-Pedal, Soften, Speak In Tongues, Spike, Spoil, Stew, Stick, Stonewall, Stop, Stump, Subdue, Talk Double Dutch, Tantalize, Tease, Throw, Thwart, Tone Down, Unassuredness, Upset