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Balk Baffle, Bafflement, Balk At, Balking, Be Unwilling, Beam, Beat, Begrudge, Betrayed Hope, Bevue, Bilk, Blast, Blasted Expectation, Blighted Hope, Blow, Boggle, Brave, Buffet, Cast Down, Challenge, Check, Checkmate, Circumvent, Comedown, Confound, Confounding, Confront, Confusion, Contravene, Counter, Counteract, Countermand, Counterwork, Cross, Cruel Disappointment, Dash, Dashed Hope, Decline, Defeat, Defeat Expectation, Defy, Destroy, Die Hard, Disappoint, Disappointment, Discomfit, Discomfiture, Disconcert, Disconcertion, Discountenance, Dish, Disillusion, Disillusionment, Disrupt, Dissatisfaction, Dissatisfy, Elude, Failure, Fallen Countenance, False Move, False Step, Fiasco, Fizzle, Flinch, Flummox, Foil, Foiling, Forlorn Hope, Frustrate, Frustration, Gag, Grudge, Hang Back, Hold Out, Hope Deferred, Inadvertence, Inadvertency, Jib, Knock The Chocks, Lapse, Lapsus Calami, Lapsus Linguae, Let Down, Letdown, Loose Thread, Mind, Mirage, Miscue, Misstep, Nonplus, Not Budge, Not Care To, Not Feel Like, Object To, Omission, Oversight, Perplex, Persevere, Quail, Rebuff, Recoil, Refuse, Repulse, Reversal, Reverse, Rout, Ruin, Sabotage, Scotch, Scruple, Setback, Shrink, Shy, Slip, Slipup, Sore Disappointment, Spike, Spoil, Stand Out, Stand Pat, Stick, Stickle, Stonewall, Strain, Stumble, Stump, Take No Denial, Tantalization, Tantalize, Tease, Thwart, Thwarting, Trip, Turn Down, Upset, Would Rather Not, Wrong Step