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Bandy Alternate, Answer, Arched, Arciform, Arclike, Arcual, Bandy-Legged, Banter, Be Quits With, Blemished, Bloated, Bowed, Bowlegged, Bowlike, Change, Chuck, Club-Footed, Commute, Compensate, Concave, Convex, Cooperate, Counterchange, Defaced, Deformed, Disfigured, Dwarfed, Embowed, Exchange, Flatfooted, Flip, Get Back At, Get Even With, Gibbose, Gibbous, Give And Take, Grotesque, Humpbacked, Humped, Humpy, Hunched, Hunchy, Ill-Made, Ill-Proportioned, Ill-Shaped, Interchange, Knock-Kneed, Logroll, Malformed, Marred, Misbegotten, Misproportioned, Misshapen, Monstrous, Mutilated, Out Of Shape, Oxbow, Pay Back, Permute, Pigeon-Toed, Pitch, Pug-Nosed, Rachitic, Reciprocate, Repay, Requite, Respond, Retaliate, Retort, Return, Return The Compliment, Rickety, Simous, Snub-Nosed, Stumpy, Swap, Swaybacked, Switch, Talipedic, Throw, Toss, Trade, Transpose, Truncated, Vaulted