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Bang Abruptly, Accurately, Aggressiveness, Antitoxin, Backfire, Bag, Bang Into, Bangs, Bar, Bark, Barricade, Bash, Baste, Bat, Batten, Batten Down, Batter, Beat, Beating, Belt, Best, Better, Biff, Blast, Blow, Blowout, Blowup, Bolt, Bonk, Boom, Booster, Booster Dose, Booster Shot, Boot, Buffet, Bump, Bump Into, Burst, Bust, Button, Button Up, Cannon, Carom, Carom Into, Charge, Choke, Choke Off, Chop, Clap, Clash, Clip, Clobber, Close, Close Up, Clout, Clump, Coldcock, Collide, Come Into Collision, Concuss, Confront Each Other, Constrict, Contain, Contract, Cover, Crack, Crack Up, Crash, Crash Into, Crump, Crunch, Cut, Dash, Dash Into, Deal, Deal A Blow, Deck, Detonate, Detonation, Dig, Ding, Dint, Discharge, Dose, Draft, Drive, Dropping, Drub, Drubbing, Drug Packet, Drumming, Encounter, Enterprise, Exactly, Exceed, Explode, Explosion, Fall Foul Of, Fasten, Fetch, Fetch A Blow, Fetlock, Fire, Fix, Flail, Flap, Flare, Flash, Fleck, Flock, Flop, Flush, Fold, Fold Up, Forelock, Foul, Fringe, Fulguration, Fulminate, Fulmination, Fusillade, Get-Up-And-Go, Getup, Ginger, Go, Go Off, Gunshot, Hammer, Hastily, Hit, Hit A Clip, Hit Against, Howl, Hurt, Hurtle, Hypodermic, Hypodermic Injection, Impetuously, Impinge, Impulsively, Initiative, Injection, Inoculation, Jab, Jet Injection, Jollies, Key, Kick, Knock, Knock Against, Knock Cold, Knock Down, Knock Out, Lambaste, Larrup, Latch, Let Have It, Lick, Lift, Like A Flash, Like A Thunderbolt, Lock, Lock Out, Lock Up, Mainlining, Maul, Meet, Narcotic Injection, Narcotic Shot, Noise, Occlude, Of A Sudden, On Short Notice, Outdo, Outgo, Outshine, Outstrip, Overdose, Padlock, Paste, Patter, Pelt, Pep, Pepper, Percuss, Piss And Vinegar, Pizzazz, Plop, Plumb, Plump, Plunk, Poke, Pommel, Poop, Pop, Popping, Portion, Potion, Pound, Precipitantly, Precipitately, Precipitously, Precisely, Pulverize, Pummel, Punch, Push, Quiff, Quiver, Rap, Report, Right, Roar, Roll, Rumble, Run Into, Rush, Rush Of Emotion, Salvo, Seal, Seal Off, Seal Up, Secure, Sensation, Sharp, Shiver, Shooting Up, Shot, Shudder, Shut, Shut The Door, Shut Up, Sideswipe, Skin-Popping, Slam, Slam Into, Slap, Slat, Sledgehammer, Slog, Slug, Smack, Smack Into, Smack-Dab, Smash, Smash Into, Smash Up, Smite, Snap, Soak, Sock, Sound, Spang, Spank, Splat, Spunk, Square, Squarely, Squeeze Shut, Starch, Startlingly, Strangle, Strike, Strike Against, Strike At, Stroke, Successful, Sudden, Suddenly, Surge Of Emotion, Surprisingly, Swap, Swat, Swing, Swipe, Tap, Tattoo, Thrash, Thresh, Thrill, Thrust, Thump, Thunder, Thwack, Tingle, Tingling, Titillation, Tremor, Tremor Of Excitement, Tuft, Unawares, Unexpectedly, Vaccination, Vaccine, Verve, Vim, Vitality, Volley, Wallop, Whack, Wham, Whap, Whip, Whomp, Whop, Without Notice, Without Warning, Wow, Yerk, Zing, Zip, Zip Up, Zipper