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Bankrupt Almsman, Almswoman, Also-Ran, Ausgespielt, Bankrupt In, Bare, Bare Of, Beggar, Bereft Of, Blasted, Blighted, Break, Broke, Broken, Bust, Busted, Casual, Charity Case, Denudate, Denude, Denuded Of, Deprive, Deprived Of, Desolated, Destitute, Destitute Of, Destroyed, Devastated, Devoid Of, Dilapidate, Dismantle, Disrobe, Divest, Done For, Done In, Down-And-Out, Down-And-Outer, Drain, Draw, Draw Down, Dud, Empty Of, Exhaust, Failed, Failure, Fallen, False Alarm, Finished, Flop, Fold Up, For Want Of, Forlorn Of, Fortuneless, Gone To Pot, Hardcase, Homeless, Impair, Impoverish, In Default Of, In Receivership, In Ruins, In The Gutter, In The Red, In Want Of, Incapacitate, Indigent, Insolvent, Insolvent Debtor, Irremediable, Kaput, Lacking, Lame Duck, Landless, Loser, Missing, Moneyless, Needing, On The Rocks, Out Of, Out Of Funds, Out Of Pocket, Overthrown, Pauper, Pauperize, Penniless, Penniless Man, Poor Devil, Poor Man, Poorling, Propertyless, Ravaged, Reduce, Ruin, Ruined, Ruinous, Scant Of, Scuttle, Shipwreck, Short, Short Of, Shy, Shy Of, Sink, Spoiled, Starveling, Unblessed With, Undone, Unpossessed Of, Use Up, Void Of, Wanting, Washout, Wasted, Welfare Client, Without A Sou, Wreck, Wrecked