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Banty Bantam, Baby, Baby-Sized, Bantam, Barn-Door Fowl, Barnyard Fowl, Biddy, Broiler, Brooder, Broody Hen, Button, Capon, Chanticleer, Chick, Chickabiddy, Chicken, Chicky, Chit, Cock, Cockerel, Compact, Diminutive, Domestic Fowl, Drake, Duck, Duckling, Dunghill Fowl, Duodecimo, Featherweight, Fingerling, Fowl, Fryer, Game Fowl, Gander, Gobbler, Goose, Gosling, Guinea Cock, Guinea Fowl, Guinea Hen, Handy, Hen, Hen Turkey, Lightweight, Mini, Miniature, Miniaturized, Minikin, Minimal, Minnow, Minny, Minuscule, Mouse, Nubbin, Partlet, Peewee, Pocket, Pocket-Sized, Pony, Poulard, Poult, Poultry, Pullet, Roaster, Rooster, Runt, Setting Hen, Shrimp, Slip, Small Fry, Small-Scale, Snip, Snippet, Spring Chicken, Stewing Chicken, Subminiature, Tit, Tom, Tom Turkey, Toy, Turkey, Turkey Gobbler, Turkey-Cock, Twelvemo, Vest-Pocket, Wart, Wisp