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Barbaric Doric, Draconian, Gothic, Neanderthal, Philistine, Tartarean, Aggressive, Alien, Animal, Anthropophagous, Atrocious, Barbarian, Barbarous, Beastly, Bestial, Blatant, Bloodthirsty, Bloody, Bloody-Minded, Bookless, Brutal, Brutalized, Brute, Brutish, Cacophonous, Cannibalistic, Careless, Clumsy, Coarse, Crude, Cruel, Cruel-Hearted, Deceived, Demoniac, Demoniacal, Devilish, Diabolic, Doggerel, Dysphemistic, Erroneous, Exotic, Exterior, External, Extraneous, Extraterrestrial, Extrinsic, Faulty, Fell, Feral, Ferine, Ferocious, Fiendish, Fiendlike, Fierce, Flamboyant, Flashy, Florid, Foreign, Foreign-Born, Functionally Illiterate, Garish, Gaudy, Graceless, Grammarless, Gross, Harsh, Heathen, Hellish, Hoodwinked, Ill-Bred, Ill-Educated, Illiterate, Impolite, Imprecise, Improper, Impure, In Bad Taste, Incline, Inconcinnate, Inconcinnous, Incorrect, Indecorous, Inelegant, Infelicitous, Infernal, Inhuman, Inhumane, Intrusive, Kill-Crazy, Led Astray, Loose, Loud, Low, Lowbrow, Malign, Malignant, Merciless, Misinformed, Misinstructed, Mistaught, Murderous, Noncivilized, Nonintellectual, Ornate, Ostentatious, Outland, Outlandish, Outside, Pagan, Pitiless, Primitive, Raucous, Rough, Rough-And-Ready, Rude, Ruthless, Sadistic, Sanguinary, Sanguineous, Satanic, Savage, Sharkish, Showy, Slavering, Slipshod, Slovenly, Solecistic, Strange, Subhuman, Tameless, Tasteless, Tawdry, Troglodytic, Truculent, Ulterior, Unbooked, Unbookish, Unbooklearned, Unbriefed, Unchristian, Uncivil, Uncivilized, Uncombed, Uncourtly, Uncouth, Uncultivated, Uncultured, Undignified, Unearthly, Unedified, Uneducated, Unerudite, Uneuphonious, Unfelicitous, Ungentle, Ungraceful, Ungrammatic, Unguided, Unhuman, Uninstructed, Unintellectual, Unkempt, Unlearned, Unlettered, Unlicked, Unliterary, Unpolished, Unread, Unrefined, Unscholarly, Unschooled, Unseemly, Unstudious, Untamed, Untaught, Untutored, Vicious, Vulgar, Wild, Wolfish