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Bare Spartan, Absolute, And, Ascetic, Austere, Bald, Bankrupt, Bare-Ass, Bared, Barren, Basic, Bland, Blank, Bleached, Bleak, Break The Seal, Bring To Light, Candid, Characterless, Chaste, Clarified, Clear, Cleared, Cold, Common, Commonplace, Deep-Worn, Defoliate, Defoliated, Denudate, Denude, Denuded, Deobstruct, Depleted, Deprive, Desert, Desolate, Destitute, Develop, Devoid, Direct, Disclose, Disclosed, Discover, Dismantle, Dismask, Disrobe, Distilled, Divest, Divested, Divulge, Dog-Eared, Draw The Veil, Dried-Up, Dry, Dull, Elementary, Emptied, Empty, Essential, Exhausted, Exhibit, Expose, Exposed, Featureless, Fleece, Frank, Free, Fundamental, Gymnosophical, Hairless, Hard, Hatless, Hollow, Homely, Homespun, Homogeneous, Impart, In Native Buff, In Puris Naturalibus, In The Altogether, In The Buff, In The Raw, Inane, Indivisible, Insipid, Irreducible, Lay Bare, Lay Open, Lean, Let Daylight In, Let Out, Literal, Manifest, Matter-Of-Fact, Mere, Minimal, Monolithic, Naked, Natural, Naturistic, Neat, Nude, Nudist, Null, Null And Void, Of A Piece, Open, Open As Day, Open To All, Open Up, Out-And-Out, Overt, Patefy, Peeled, Plain, Plain-Speaking, Plain-Spoken, Pluck, Primal, Primary, Prosaic, Prosing, Prosy, Pure, Pure And Simple, Purified, Raise The Curtain, Raw, Rectified, Remove, Reveal, Revealed, Rustic, Scant, Scanty, Sere, Severe, Shear, Sheer, Shelfworn, Shopworn, Shorn, Show, Show Up, Simon-Pure, Simple, Simple-Speaking, Single, Sober, Spare, Stark, Stark-Naked, Straight, Straightforward, Strip, Strip Bare, Stripped, Tell, Threadbare, Timeworn, Unadorned, Unadulterated, Unaffected, Unalloyed, Unarrayed, Unattired, Unblended, Unblock, Uncase, Unclad, Unclassified, Unclench, Uncloak, Unclog, Unclogged, Unclosed, Unclothed, Unclutch, Uncluttered, Uncombined, Uncomplicated, Uncompounded, Unconcealed, Uncork, Uncorrupted, Uncover, Uncovered, Uncurtain, Undecked, Undecorated, Undifferenced, Undifferentiated, Undiluted, Undisguised, Undo, Undrape, Undress, Undressed, Unembellished, Unenhanced, Unfilled, Unfold, Unfortified, Unfoul, Unfurbished, Unfurl, Ungarnished, Unhidden, Uniform, Unimaginative, Unkennel, Unlatch, Unleavened, Unlock, Unmask, Unmingled, Unmixed, Unobstructed, Unornamented, Unpack, Unplug, Unpoetical, Unrelieved, Unrestricted, Unrobed, Unroll, Unscreen, Unseal, Unsheathe, Unshod, Unshroud, Unshut, Unsophisticated, Unstop, Unstopped, Unsupplied, Untinged, Untrimmed, Unvarnished, Unveil, Unwrap, Vacant, Vacuous, Void, Well-Worn, White, Wide-Open, With Nothing Inside, With Nothing On, Without A Stitch, Without Content, Worn, Worn Ragged, Worn To Rags, Worn To Threads, Worn-Down