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Barge Amble, Boat, Bowl Along, Bundle, Bus, Cart, Clump, Coach, Drag, Dray, Ferry, Float, Flounce, Foot, Footslog, Halt, Haul, Hippety-Hop, Hitch, Hobble, Hop, Jog, Jolt, Jump, Lighter, Limp, Lumber, Lunge, Lurch, Mince, Pace, Paddle, Peg, Piaffe, Piaffer, Plod, Prance, Rack, Raft, Roll, Sashay, Saunter, Scuff, Scuffle, Scuttle, Shamble, Ship, Shuffle, Sidle, Single-Foot, Skip, Sled, Sledge, Slink, Slither, Slog, Slouch, Stagger, Stalk, Stamp, Stomp, Straddle, Straggle, Stride, Stroll, Strut, Stumble, Stump, Swagger, Swing, Tittup, Toddle, Totter, Traipse, Trip, Truck, Trudge, Van, Waddle, Wagon, Wamble, Wheelbarrow, Wiggle, Wobble