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Baroque Gothic, Arabesque, Bizarre, Brain-Born, Busy, Chichi, Deformed, Dream-Built, Elaborate, Elegant, Embellished, Extravagant, Fanciful, Fancy, Fancy-Born, Fancy-Built, Fancy-Woven, Fantasque, Fantastic, Fine, Flamboyant, Florid, Flowery, Freak, Freakish, Frilly, Fussy, Gilt, Grotesque, High-Wrought, Labored, Luscious, Luxuriant, Luxurious, Maggoty, Malformed, Misbegotten, Misshapen, Monstrous, Moresque, Notional, Ornamented, Ornate, Ostentatious, Outlandish, Overelaborate, Overelegant, Overlabored, Overworked, Overwrought, Picturesque, Preposterous, Pretty-Pretty, Rich, Rococo, Scrolled, Teratogenic, Teratoid, Whimsical, Wild