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Barrier Abatis, Advanced Work, Arch Dam, Backstop, Balistraria, Balustrade, Bamboo Curtain, Bank, Banquette, Bar, Barbed-Wire Entanglement, Barbican, Barrage, Barricade, Bartizan, Bastion, Battlement, Bear-Trap Dam, Beaver Dam, Blank Wall, Blind Alley, Blind Gut, Block, Blockade, Blockage, Bolt, Boom, Bottleneck, Boundary, Brattice, Breakwater, Breastwork, Brick Wall, Buffer, Buffer State, Bulkhead, Bulwark, Bumper, Casemate, Cecum, Cheval-De-Frise, Choking, Choking Off, Circumvallation, Clog, Cloison, Cofferdam, Collision Mat, Congestion, Constipation, Contravallation, Costiveness, Counterscarp, Cul-De-Sac, Curtain, Cushion, Dam, Dead End, Defense, Demibastion, Diaphragm, Dike, Dissepiment, Ditch, Dividing Line, Dividing Wall, Division, Drawbridge, Earthwork, Embankment, Embolism, Embolus, Enclosure, Entanglement, Escarp, Escarpment, Fence, Fender, Fieldwork, Fortalice, Fortification, Frontier, Gate, Glacis, Gorge, Gravity Dam, Groin, Ha-Ha, Hindrance, Hydraulic-Fill Dam, Impasse, Impediment, Infarct, Infarction, Interseptum, Iron Curtain, Jam, Jetty, Leaping Weir, Levee, Limit, Lock, Logjam, Loophole, Lunette, Machicolation, Mantelet, Mat, Merlon, Midriff, Midsection, Milldam, Moat, Mole, Mound, Obstacle, Obstipation, Obstruction, Outwork, Pad, Padlock, Palisade, Panel, Parados, Parapet, Paries, Partition, Party Wall, Portcullis, Postern Gate, Property Line, Rail, Railing, Rampart, Ravelin, Redan, Redoubt, Roadblock, Rock-Fill Dam, Sally Port, Scarp, Sconce, Sealing Off, Seawall, Separation, Septulum, Septum, Shock Pad, Shutter Dam, Stockade, Stone Wall, Stop, Stoppage, Strangulation, Tenaille, Vallation, Vallum, Wall, Weir, Wicket Dam, Work