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Bastard Sob, Affected, Apocryphal, Artificial, Assumed, Bantling, Bar Sinister, Baseborn, Bastard Child, Bastardy, Bird, Blackguard, Bogus, Brummagem, Bugger, By-Blow, Cat, Chap, Character, Colorable, Colored, Counterfeit, Counterfeited, Creep, Criminal, Cross, Crossbred, Crossbreed, Devil, Distorted, Dressed Up, Duck, Dummy, Embellished, Embroidered, Enfant Terrible, Ersatz, Evildoer, Factitious, Fake, Faked, FALSE, Falsified, Fart, Fatherless, Feigned, Feller, Fellow, Fictitious, Fictive, Garbled, Guy, Half Blood, Half-Breed, Heel, Hood, Hooligan, Illegitimacy, Illegitimate, Illegitimate Child, Imitation, Jasper, Jerk, Joker, Junky, Knave, Lad, Limb, Louse, Love Child, Lowlife, Make-Believe, Malefactor, Man-Made, Meanie, Misbegotten, Mischief, Miscreant, Miscreated, Mock, Mongrel, Mother, Mule, Natural, Offender, Perverted, Phony, Pill, Pinchbeck, Pretended, Pseudo, Put-On, Quasi, Queer, Rapscallion, Rascal, Rat, Reprobate, Rogue, Scalawag, Scoundrel, Self-Styled, Sham, Shit, Shithead, Shitheel, Shoddy, Simulated, Sinner, So-Called, Soi-Disant, Spurious, Stinkard, Stinker, Stud, Supposititious, Synthetic, Tin, Tinsel, Titivated, Turd, Twisted, Unauthentic, Ungenuine, Unnatural, Unreal, Warped