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Batten Mystik Tape, Scotch Tape, Act Drop, Adhesive Tape, Anchor, Articulate, Asbestos, Asbestos Board, Backdrop, Band, Bandage, Bang, Bar, Barricade, Batten Down, Belay, Belt, Bloom, Blossom, Bolt, Bolt Down, Boom, Border, Buckle, Butt, Button, Button Up, Cellophane Tape, Chain, Choke, Choke Off, Clap, Clasp, Cleat, Clip, Close, Close Up, Cloth, Cloth Tape, Constrict, Contain, Contract, Coulisse, Counterweight, Cover, Cram, Curtain, Curtain Board, Cyclorama, Decor, Devour, Dovetail, Drop, Drop Curtain, Engorge, Fascia, Fasten, Fasten Down, Fatten, Fillet, Fire Curtain, Flat, Flipper, Flourish, Flower, Fold, Fold Up, Friction Tape, Girdle, Glut, Gluttonize, Gobble, Gorge, Gormandize, Grow Fat, Gulp, Gulp Down, Guttle, Guzzle, Hanging, Hasp, Hinge, Hitch, Hook, Jam, Joint, Key, Latch, Lath, Ligula, Ligule, List, Live To Eat, Lock, Lock Out, Lock Up, Make Fast, Make Secure, Make Sure, Masking Tape, Miter, Moor, Mortise, Nail, Occlude, Padlock, Peg, Pin, Plank, Plastic Tape, Plumb, Rabbet, Rag, Raven, Ribband, Ribbon, Rivet, Scarf, Scene, Scenery, Screen, Screw, Seal, Seal Off, Seal Up, Secure, Sew, Shred, Shut, Shut The Door, Shut Up, Side Scene, Skewer, Slam, Slat, Slip, Snap, Spill, Spline, Squeeze Shut, Stage Screw, Staple, Stick, Stitch, Strake, Strangle, Strap, Strip, Strop, Stuff, Tab, Tableau, Tack, Taenia, Tape, Tape Measure, Tapeline, Teaser, Tether, Thrive, Ticker Tape, Tie, Toggle, Tormentor, Transformation, Transformation Scene, Wedge, Wing, Wingcut, Wolf, Wolf Down, Woodcut, Zip Up, Zipper