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Battle Actium, Adrianople, Aegates Isles, Aegospotami, Agincourt, Antietam, Anzio, Arbela-Gaugamela, Ardennes, Austerlitz, Ayacucho, Balaclava, Bannockburn, Bataan-Corregidor, Bismarck Sea, Blenheim, Bosworth Field, Bouvines, Boyne, Brunanburh, Bunker Hill, Cannae, Caporetto, Chancellorsville, Crecy, Dunkirk, El Alamein, Flodden, Fontenoy, Fredericksburg, Gaza, Gettysburg, Granicus River, Guadalcanal, Hampton Roads, Hastings, Hohenlinden, Inchon, Long Island, Marathon, Midway, Poitiers, Sedan, Singapore, Solferino, Waterloo, Action, Aerial Combat, Affray, Agonize, All-Out War, Altercation, Antagonize, Appeal To Arms, Argument, Arm, Armed Combat, Armed Conflict, Armor, Armor-Plate, Armored Combat, Assail, Assault, Attack, Bank, Barricade, Battle Royal, Beat Against, Beat Up Against, Belligerence, Belligerency, Blockade, Bloodshed, Bombard, Box, Brawl, Breast The Wave, Broil, Brush, Buck, Buffet, Buffet The Waves, Bullfight, Bulwark, Campaign, Carry On Hostilities, Castellate, Clash, Clash Of Arms, Close, Close With, Cockfight, Collide, Combat, Come To Blows, Compete With, Competition, Conflict, Contend, Contend Against, Contest, Crenellate, Crusade, Cut And Thrust, Dig In, Dispute, Dogfight, Duel, Embattle, Embroilment, Encounter, Engage In Hostilities, Engagement, Entrench, Exchange Blows, Exchange Of Blows, Fence, Feud, Fight, Fight A Duel, Fight Against, Fighting, Fire Fight, Fortify, Fracas, Fray, Garrison, Give And Take, Give Satisfaction, Grapple, Grapple With, Ground Combat, Grunt And Sweat, Hand-To-Hand Combat, Hand-To-Hand Fight, Hassle, Hostilities, Hot War, House-To-House Combat, Huff And Puff, Join Battle With, Jostle, Joust, La Guerre, Labor Against, Make War, Man, Man The Garrison, Melee, Might Of Arms, Military Operations, Militate Against, Mine, Mix It Up, Naval Combat, Offer Resistance, Onset, Onslaught, Open Hostilities, Open War, Oppugn, Palisade, Passage Of Arms, Pitched Battle, Quarrel, Rassle, Reluct, Reluctate, Resort To Arms, Riot, Rival, Rumble, Run A Tilt, Running Fight, Scramble, Scrimmage, Scuffle, Shed Blood, Shooting War, Shoving Match, Skirmish, Sortie, Spar, Spill Blood, Stand-Up Fight, State Of War, Stem The Tide, Street Fight, Strive, Strive Against, Struggle, Struggle Against, Take On, Tauromachy, The Sword, Thrust And Parry, Tilt, Total War, Tourney, Tug, Tug-Of-War, Tussle, Vie With, Wage War, Wall, War, Warfare, Warmaking, Warring, Wartime, Wrestle