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Bean Irish Potato, Kraut, A Continental, A Curse, A Damn, A Darn, A Hoot, Algae, Aubergine, Autophyte, Bagatelle, Bauble, Beans, Belfry, Bibelot, Bit, Bracken, Brain, Brass Farthing, Brow, Brown Algae, Button, Cabbage, Cent, Climber, Conferva, Confervoid, Conk, Creeper, Crown, Curio, Diatom, Dome, Eggplant, Encephalon, Farce, Farthing, Feather, Fern, Fig, Fleabite, Folderol, Fribble, Frippery, Fruits And Vegetables, Fucus, Fungus, Gaud, Gewgaw, Gimcrack, Grapevine, Gray Matter, Green Algae, Greens, Gulfweed, Hair, Halfpenny, Head, Headpiece, Herb, Heterophyte, Hill Of Beans, Ivy, Jest, Joke, Kelp, Kickshaw, Knickknack, Knickknackery, Legume, Legumes, Lentil, Liana, Lichen, Liverwort, Love Apple, Mad Apple, Minikin, Mockery, Mold, Molehill, Moss, Mushroom, Noddle, Noggin, Noodle, Organ Of Thought, Parasite, Parasitic Plant, Pate, Pea, Peppercorn, Perthophyte, Phytoplankton, Picayune, Pieplant, Pin, Pinch Of Snuff, Pinprick, Planktonic Algae, Plant Families, Poll, Potato, Potherbs, Produce, Puffball, Pulse, Rap, Red Algae, Red Cent, Rhubarb, Ridge, Rockweed, Row Of Pins, Rush, Rust, Saprophyte, Sargasso, Sargassum, Sconce, Sea Lentil, Sea Moss, Sea Wrack, Seat Of Thought, Seaweed, Sensation, Sensorium, Sensory, Shit, Smut, Snap, Sneeshing, Sou, Spud, Straw, Succulent, Tater, Toadstool, Tomato, Toy, Trifle, Trinket, Triviality, Tuppence, Two Cents, Twopence, Vegetables, Vetch, Vine, Whim-Wham, White Potato, Wort, Wrack