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Bear Off About Ship, Angle, Angle Off, Avert, Back And Fill, Bear Away, Bear To Starboard, Beat, Beat About, Bend, Bias, Box Off, Branch Off, Break, Bring About, Bring Round, Cant, Cant Round, Cast, Cast About, Change Course, Change The Bearing, Change The Heading, Come About, Crook, Curve, Deflect, Depart From, Detour, Deviate, Digress, Divagate, Divaricate, Diverge, Double A Point, Draw Aside, Drift, Drift Off Course, Drive, Ease Off, Edge Off, Fall Down, Fetch About, Fetch Away, Fly Off, Gee, Glance, Glance Off, Go About, Go Off, Gybe, Haul Off, Haw, Head Off, Head To Leeward, Heave Round, Heel, Jib, Jibe, Jibe All Standing, Make Leeway, Make Way For, Miss Stays, Move Aside, Oblique, Pay Off, Ply, Put About, Put Back, Put Off, Round A Point, Run From, Sag, Sail Away From, Sheer, Sheer Off, Shift, Shove Aside, Shove Off, Shunt, Shy, Shy Off, Side, Sidestep, Sidetrack, Sidle, Skew, Slew, Slue, Stand From, Stand Off, Steer Away From, Steer Clear Of, Step Aside, Sway, Swerve, Swing Round, Swing The Stern, Switch, Tack, Throw About, Trend, Turn, Turn Aside, Turn Away, Turn Back, Twist, Vary, Veer, Veer Off, Wear, Wear Ship, Wind, Yaw, Yaw Off