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Beat Up Agitate, All In, Batter, Battered, Beat, Beat-Up, Beaten, Beaten Up, Bedraggled, Blowzy, Bone-Weary, Broken-Down, Bruise, Bushed, Careless, Chintzy, Churn, Churn Up, Clabber, Clot, Coagulate, Colloid, Colloidize, Convulse, Cream, Curdle, Dead, Dead-And-Alive, Dead-Tired, Deadbeat, Decrepit, Derelict, Dilapidated, Disarrange, Discompose, Disquiet, Disturb, Dog-Tired, Dog-Weary, Done, Done In, Done Up, Drabbletailed, Draggled, Draggletailed, Drained, Emulsify, Emulsionize, Excite, Exhausted, Fagged Out, Ferment, Flurry, Fret, Frowzy, Frumpish, Frumpy, Gone, Grubby, In Rags, In Ruins, Incrassate, Informal, Inspissate, Jell, Jellify, Jelly, Knocked Out, Loose, Lopper, Lumpen, Messy, Mussy, Negligent, Paddle, Perturb, Perturbate, Played Out, Poky, Pooped, Pooped Out, Prostrate, Ragged, Raggedy, Ramshackle, Ready To Drop, Rile, Ripple, Roil, Roughen, Ruffle, Ruined, Ruinous, Rumple, Run-Down, Scraggly, Seedy, Shabby, Shake, Shake Up, Shoddy, Slack, Slatternly, Slipshod, Sloppy, Slovenly, Slummy, Sluttish, Sordid, Spent, Squalid, Stir, Stir Up, Swirl, Tacky, Tattered, Thicken, Thrash Soundly, Tired Out, Tired To Death, Tottery, Trouble, Tuckered Out, Tumbledown, Unkempt, Unneat, Unsightly, Untidy, Upset, Used Up, Washed-Up, Weary Unto Death, Whacked, Whip, Whip Up, Whisk, Wiped Out, Work Up, Worn-Out