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Become Adorn, Agree With, Alter Into, Arise, Assimilate To, Be Born, Be Bound, Be Changed, Be Converted Into, Be Obligated, Be Obliged, Become Of, Befit, Behoove, Beseem, Break Out, Bring To, Burst Forth, Change, Change Into, Change Over, Come, Come Forth, Come Of, Come Out, Come Over, Come Round To, Come To Be, Convert, Crop Up, Do Over, Enhance, Erupt, Evolve Into, Fall Into, Fit, Get, Get To Be, Go, Go With, Grace, Grow, Have Origin, Irrupt, Issue, Issue Forth, Lapse Into, Make, Make Over, Melt Into, Mount, Naturalize, Open Into, Originate, Owe It To, Pass Into, Reconvert, Reduce To, Render, Resolve Into, Reverse, Ripen Into, Rise, Run, Run Into, Settle Into, Shift, Shift Into, Soar, Spring Up, Suit, Switch, Switch Over, Take Birth, Take Rise, Transform, Turn, Turn Back, Turn Into, Turn To, Wax