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Bedizened Gongoresque, Johnsonian, Adorned, Affected, Beaded, Bedecked, Befrilled, Bejeweled, Beribboned, Bespangled, Big-Sounding, Convoluted, Decked Out, Declamatory, Decorated, Elevated, Embellished, Euphuistic, Feathered, Festooned, Figured, Flamboyant, Flaming, Flashy, Flaunting, Flowered, Fulsome, Garish, Garnished, Gaudy, Grandiloquent, Grandiose, Grandisonant, High-Flowing, High-Flown, High-Flying, High-Sounding, Highfalutin, Inkhorn, Jeweled, Labyrinthine, Lexiphanic, Lofty, Lurid, Magniloquent, Meretricious, Ornamented, Orotund, Ostentatious, Overdone, Overelaborate, Overinvolved, Overwrought, Pedantic, Plumed, Pompous, Pretentious, Rhetorical, Sensational, Sensationalistic, Sententious, Showy, Sonorous, Spangled, Spangly, Stilted, Studded, Tall, Tortuous, Tricked Out, Trimmed, Wreathed