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Beggarly Abject, Abominable, Arrant, Atrocious, Backscratching, Bare-Handed, Base, Base-Minded, Beggared, Beneath Contempt, Bereaved, Bereft, Bootlicking, Cheap, Cheesy, Common, Contemptible, Cowering, Crawling, Cringing, Crouching, Crummy, Debased, Degraded, Depraved, Deprived, Despicable, Dirty, Disadvantaged, Disgusting, Empty-Handed, Execrable, Famished, Fawning, Flagrant, Flattering, Fleeced, Footlicking, Foul, Fulsome, Gaudy, Ghettoized, Gimcracky, Grave, Gross, Groveling, Half-Starved, Hangdog, Heinous, Ignoble, Ill Off, Ill-Equipped, Ill-Furnished, Ill-Provided, Impoverished, In Need, In Rags, In Want, Indigent, Ingratiating, Little, Low, Low-Down, Low-Minded, Lumpen, Mangy, Mealymouthed, Mean, Measly, Mendicant, Meretricious, Miserable, Monstrous, Necessitous, Needy, Nefarious, Obeisant, Obnoxious, Obsequious, Odious, On Bended Knee, On Relief, On Short Commons, Out At Elbows, Paltry, Parasitic, Pathetic, Pauperized, Petty, Pitiable, Pitiful, Poky, Poor, Poverty-Stricken, Prostrate, Rank, Reptilian, Rubbishy, Sad, Scabby, Scrubby, Scruffy, Scummy, Scurvy, Scuzzy, Shabby, Shoddy, Shorthanded, Small, Sniveling, Sorry, Sponging, Squalid, Starved, Starveling, Starving, Stripped, Sycophantic, Timeserving, Toadeating, Toadying, Toadyish, Trashy, Truckling, Trumpery, Two-For-A-Cent, Two-For-A-Penny, Twopenny, Twopenny-Halfpenny, Underfed, Undermanned, Undernourished, Underprivileged, Unfed, Unmentionable, Unprovided, Unreplenished, Unsupplied, Valueless, Vile, Worthless, Wretched