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Being Adamite, Actual, Actuality, Aerobic Organism, An Existence, Anaerobic Organism, As, As Is, As Long As, Autotrophic Organism, Body, Bones, Bosom, Breast, Cat, Cause, Chap, Character, Considering, Contemporaneous, Contemporary, Creature, Critter, Current, Customer, Duck, Earthling, Ens, Entelechy, Entity, Esprit, Esse, Essence, Essentiality, Existence, Existent, Existing, Extant, Fellow, For, Fresh, Genetic Individual, Groundling, Guts, Guy, Hand, Head, Heart, Heart Of Hearts, Heartstrings, Heterotrophic Organism, Homo, Human, Human Being, Immanent, Immediate, In Being, In Effect, In Existence, In Force, Inasmuch As, Individual, Individuality, Inmost Heart, Inmost Soul, Innermost Being, Instant, Joker, Latest, Life, Living, Living Being, Living Soul, Living Thing, Man, Material, Materiality, Matter, Microbe, Microorganism, Modern, Monad, Morphological Individual, Mortal, Nature, New, Nose, Object, Occurrence, On Foot, One, Ont, Organic Being, Organism, Organization, Party, Person, Persona, Personage, Personality, Physiological Individual, Presence, Present, Present-Age, Present-Day, Present-Time, Prevalent, Running, Secret Places, Seeing, Since, Single, Somebody, Someone, Something, Soul, Spirit, Stuff, Subsistence, Subsistent, Subsisting, Substance, Substantiality, Tellurian, Terran, Texture, That Be, That Is, Thing, Topical, Under The Sun, Unit, Up-To-Date, Up-To-The-Minute, Virus, Viscera, Whereas, Worldling, Zooid, Zoon