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Beldam Jezebel, Mafioso, Young Turk, Bag, Bat, Battle-Ax, Beast, Berserk, Berserker, Biddy, Bitch, Bitch-Kitty, Bomber, Brute, Cat, Common Scold, Crone, Dame, Demon, Devil, Dowager, Drab, Dragon, Fiend, Fire-Eater, Firebrand, Fishwife, Frump, Fury, Gammer, Goon, Gorilla, Grandam, Grandmother, Granny, Grimalkin, Gunsel, Hag, Hardnose, Hell-Raiser, Hellcat, Hellhag, Hellhound, Hellion, Holy Terror, Hood, Hoodlum, Hothead, Hotspur, Incendiary, Killer, Mad Dog, Madcap, Matriarch, Matron, Monster, Mugger, Old Battle-Ax, Old Dame, Old Girl, Old Granny, Old Lady, Old Trot, Old Wife, Old Woman, Rapist, Revolutionary, Savage, Scold, She-Devil, She-Wolf, Shrew, Siren, Spitfire, Termagant, Terror, Terrorist, Tiger, Tigress, Tough, Tough Guy, Trot, Ugly Customer, Violent, Virago, Vixen, War-Horse, Wild Beast, Wildcat, Witch, Wolf