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Bent V-Shaped, Y-Shaped, A Thing For, Ability, Abnormal, Affinity, Afflicted, Aim, Akimbo, An Ear For, An Eye For, Anamorphous, Angular, Animus, Apt, Aptitude, Aptness, Arched, Arciform, Askew, Asymmetric, Awry, Azimuth, Bag, Bearing, Bend, Bias, Billowing, Billowy, Boiled, Bombed, Boozy, Bowed, Canned, Capacity For, Cast, Character, Chosen Kind, Cockeyed, Cockeyed Drunk, Conatus, Conduciveness, Constitution, Contorted, Cornered, Corrupt, Corrupted, Course, Crazy, Crocked, Crocko, Crook, Crooked, Crotched, Crumpled, Crunched, Cup Of Tea, Current, Curvaceous, Curvate, Curvated, Curve, Curved, Curvesome, Curviform, Curvilineal, Curvilinear, Curving, Curvy, Decided, Decisive, Deflected, Delight, Determined, Deviant, Deviative, Diathesis, Direction, Direction Line, Dishonest, Disposed, Disposition, Dispositioned, Distorted, Drift, Druthers, Eagerness, Eccentricity, Elevated, Faculty, Fancy, Fascination, Favor, Favoritism, Feeling For, Felicity, Flair, Forejudgment, Forked, Fried, Fuddled, Furcal, Furcate, Geniculate, Geniculated, Genius, Genius For, Geosynclinal, Gift, Gift For, Given, Grain, Half-Seas Over, Head, Heading, Helmsmanship, High, Hooked, Idiosyncrasy, Illegal, Illuminated, In The Mood, Inclination, Inclined, Inclining, Incurvate, Incurvated, Incurved, Incurving, Individualism, Innate Aptitude, Intent, Irregular, Jagged, Jaundice, Jaundiced Eye, Kidney, Knack, Knee-Shaped, Labyrinthine, Lay, Leaning, Liability, Lie, Likely, Liking, Line, Line Of Direction, Line Of March, Lit, Lit Up, Loaded, Lopsided, Lubricated, Lurch, Lushy, Make, Makeup, Mazy, Meandering, Mental Set, Mettle, Mind, Mind-Set, Minded, Mold, Mutual Affinity, Mutual Attraction, Muzzy, Nature, Navigation, Nonsymmetric, Nose, Oiled, One-Sided, One-Sidedness, Organized, Orientation, Partialism, Partiality, Particular Choice, Partisanship, Peculiar, Penchant, Personal Choice, Perverse, Perverted, Pickled, Pie-Eyed, Piloting, Pissed, Pissy-Eyed, Plastered, Point, Pointed, Polluted, Potted, Preconception, Predilection, Predisposed, Predisposition, Preference, Prejudgment, Prejudice, Prepossession, Probability, Proclivity, Prone, Proneness, Propensity, Quarter, Raddled, Range, Readiness, Recurvate, Recurvated, Recurved, Recurving, Resolute, Resolved, Round, Rounded, Run, Saw-Toothed, Sawtooth, Sensitivity To, Serpentine, Serrate, Set, Settled, Sharp, Sharp-Cornered, Sheer, Shellacked, Sinuous, Skew, Skunk-Drunk, Slant, Slue, Smashed, Soaked, Soft Spot, Soused, Sprung, Squiffy, Stamp, Steerage, Steering, Stewed, Stinko, Strain, Strange, Streak, Stripe, Style, Susceptibility, Swacked, Swerve, Sympathy, Talent, Tanked, Taste, Temper, Temperament, Tendency, Tenor, Thing, Tight, Tortuous, Track, Trend, Tropism, Turn, Turn For, Turn Of Mind, Twist, Twisted, Type, Undetachment, Undispassionateness, Undulant, Unsymmetric, Veer, Warp, Warped, Wavy, Way, Weakness, Weird, Willingness, Wry, Zigzag