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Best Aristocracy, Barons, Bear The Palm, Beat, Beat All Hollow, Beat Hollow, Better, Bottom, Cap, Champion, Choice, Chosen, Clobber, Conquer, Cream, Crush, Cut, Defeat, Destroy, Do In, Drub, Elect, Elite, Establishment, Exceed, Excel, Excellent, Exemplar, Fat, Finery, Finest, First, First-Class, First-Rate, Fix, Flower, For The Best, Foremost, Gem, Giveaway, Go One Better, Greater, Greatest, Half-Price, Handpicked, Hide, Highest, Hors De Combat, Improve On, Kindest, Lambaste, Largest, Lather, Lick, Lords Of Creation, Lowest, Marked Down, Master, Matchless, Maximal, Maximum, Model, Most, Nobility, Nonesuch, Nonpareil, Optimal, Optimum, Outclass, Outdo, Outfight, Outgeneral, Outmaneuver, Outpoint, Outrun, Outsail, Outshine, Outstrip, Outweigh, Outwit, Overbalance, Overbear, Overcome, Overlapping, Overpass, Overpower, Overtop, Overwhelm, Paragon, Paramount, Pattern, Peerless, Perfect, Pick, Picked, Power Elite, Power Structure, Predominate, Preponderate, Prevail, Prevail Over, Pride, Prime, Primrose, Prize, Put, Queen, Quintessence, Quintessential, Reduced, Richest, Rise Above, Rock-Bottom, Rout, Ruin, Ruling Circles, Ruling Class, Sacrificial, Select, Settle, Skin, Skin Alive, Slashed, Subdue, Superb, Superior, Superlative, Supreme, Surmount, Surpass, Surpassing, Take The Cake, The Best, The Best Ever, The Best People, The Brass, The Tops, The Very Best, Thrash, Tip-Top, Top, Top People, Top-Notch, Topmost, Tower Above, Tower Over, Transcend, Trim, Triumph, Triumph Over, Trounce, Trump, Undo, Unexcelled, Unmatchable, Unmatched, Unparalleled, Unsurpassed, Upper Class, Upper Crust, Uppermost, Utmost, Vanquish, Very Best, Wealthiest, Whip, Win, Worst