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Bestride Abut On, Arch Over, Back, Be Based On, Bear On, Bestraddle, Board, Bridge, Bypass, Clear, Climb On, Command, Cross, Dictate, Dominate, Extend Over, Ford, Get Ahead Of, Get In, Get On, Go Aboard, Go Across, Go By, Go On Board, Hang Over, Have The Ascendancy, Hop In, Imbricate, Jump In, Jut, Lap, Lap Over, Lean On, Lie On, Lie Over, Look Down Upon, Master, Mount, Outtop, Overarch, Overhang, Overlap, Overlie, Overlook, Override, Overshadow, Overstride, Overtop, Pass, Pass By, Pass Over, Perch, Pile In, Play First Fiddle, Predominate, Preponderate, Prevail, Rely On, Repose On, Rest On, Ride, Rise Above, Rule The Roost, Shingle, Shoot Ahead Of, Sit On, Span, Stand On, Step Over, Straddle, Stride, Surmount, Take The Lead, Top, Tower Above, Tower Over, Twist, Wear The Pants