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Beta Particle Kern, Nmr, Alpha Particle, Antibaryon, Antilepton, Antimeson, Atomic Nucleus, Atomic Particle, Aurora Particle, Baryon, Cathode Particle, Electron, Electron Affinity, Electron Cloud, Electron Pair, Electron Shells, Electron Spin, Electron Transfer, Electron-Positron Pair, Elementary Particle, Energy Level, Excited State, Extranuclear Electrons, Ground State, Heavy Particle, Lepton, Lone Pair, Meson, Mesotron, Negatron, Neutron, Nuclear Force, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Nuclear Particle, Nuclear Resonance, Nucleon, Nucleosynthesis, Nucleus, Octet, Orbital Electron, Photoelectron, Photon, Proton, Radioactive Particle, Radion, Recoil Electron, Secondary Electron, Shared Pair, Solar Particle, Strangeness, Strong Interaction, Subvalent Electrons, Surface-Bound Electron, Thermion, Triton, Valence Electron, Valence Electrons, Valence Shell, Wandering Electron