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Betterment Great Leap Forward, About-Face, Accommodation, Adaptation, Adjustment, Advance, Advancement, Alteration, Amelioration, Amendment, Apostasy, Ascent, Bettering, Boost, Break, Change, Change Of Heart, Changeableness, Constructive Change, Continuity, Conversion, Defection, Degeneration, Degenerative Change, Deterioration, Deviation, Difference, Discontinuity, Divergence, Diversification, Diversion, Diversity, Enhancement, Enrichment, Eugenics, Euthenics, Fitting, Flip-Flop, Furtherance, Gradual Change, Headway, Improvement, Lift, Melioration, Mend, Mending, Mitigation, Modification, Modulation, Overthrow, Pickup, Preferment, Progress, Progression, Promotion, Qualification, Radical Change, Re-Creation, Realignment, Recovery, Redesign, Reform, Reformation, Remaking, Renewal, Reshaping, Restoration, Restructuring, Reversal, Revival, Revivification, Revolution, Rise, Shift, Sudden Change, Switch, Total Change, Transition, Turn, Turnabout, Upbeat, Upheaval, Uplift, Upping, Upswing, Uptrend, Upward Mobility, Variation, Variety, Violent Change, Worsening