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Big Talk Barnumism, Affectation, Aggrandizement, Amplification, Ballyhoo, Bedizenment, Blowing Up, Bullshit, Bunk, Bunkum, Burlesque, Caricature, Convolution, Dilatation, Dilation, Enhancement, Enlargement, Exaggerating, Exaggeration, Excess, Exorbitance, Expansion, Extravagance, Extreme, Fancy Talk, Fine Talk, Fish Story, Flashiness, Flatulence, Flatulency, Fulsomeness, Garishness, Gas, Gaudiness, Grandiloquence, Grandioseness, Grandiosity, Heightening, High-Flown Diction, Highfalutin, Highfaluting, Hot Air, Huckstering, Hyperbole, Hyperbolism, Inflatedness, Inflation, Inordinacy, Lexiphanicism, Loftiness, Luridness, Magnification, Magniloquence, Mere Rhetoric, Meretriciousness, Orotundity, Ostentation, Ostentatious Complexity, Overemphasis, Overestimation, Overkill, Overstatement, Platitudinous Ponderosity, Polysyllabic Profundity, Pomposity, Pompous Prolixity, Pompousness, Pontification, Pretension, Pretentiousness, Prodigality, Profuseness, Prose Run Mad, Puffery, Puffing Up, Rhetoric, Rhetoricalness, Sensationalism, Sententiousness, Showiness, Stiltedness, Stretching, Superlative, Swelling Utterance, Swollen Phrase, Swollenness, Tall Story, Tall Talk, Tortuosity, Tortuousness, Touting, Travesty, Tumidity, Tumidness, Turgescence, Turgidity