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Big Adult, Aggrandized, Ample, Apotheosized, Arrogant, Arty, Awash, Awesome, Awful, Awfully, Beatified, Benevolent, Big Boy, Big Cheese, Big Noise, Big Shot, Big-League, Big-Name, Big-Time, Bighearted, Bigwig, Bigwigged, Bombastic, Brimful, Brimming, Bull, Bumper, Canonized, Capacious, Chivalrous, Chock-Full, Cloyed, Clumsy, Commodious, Comprehensive, Condescending, Consequential, Considerable, Considerate, Copious, Crammed, Crowded, Damned, Deified, Distended, Domineering, Double-Barreled, Earthshaking, Elevated, Eminent, Ennobled, Enshrined, Enthroned, Exalted, Excellent, Expectant, Expecting, Extensive, Extravagant, Extremely, Fat, Flushed, Full To Bursting, Gassy, Generous, Glorified, Glutted, Gone, Goodly, Grand, Gravid, Great, Great Gun, Great Of Heart, Greathearted, Greatly, Grown, Grown-Up, Handsome, Haughty, Healthy, Heavy, Heavyweight, Hefty, Held In Awe, Heroic, High, High And Mighty, High-Faluting, High-Flown, High-Headed, High-Minded, High-Nosed, High-Powered, High-Sounding, High-Swelling, Highfalutin, Highfaluting, Hoity-Toity, Hugely, Hulking, Husky, Idealistic, Immortal, Immortalized, Important, Imposing, Inflated, Knightly, Large, Large-Scale, Largehearted, Liberal, Lion, Lofty, Magnanimous, Magnified, Major, Man-Sized, Marriable, Marriageable, Material, Mature, Maturescent, Meaningful, Mighty, Momentous, Much, Name, Noble, Noble-Minded, Nubile, Numerous, Of Age, Of Marriageable Age, Old, Openhanded, Overbearing, Overblown, Overflowing, Packed, Parturient, Patronizing, Pretentious, Princely, Proud, Purse-Proud, Replete, Roomy, Sainted, Sanctified, Sated, Satiated, Satisfied, Self-Important, Shrined, Significant, Sizable, Spacious, Stuck-Up, Stuffed, Sublime, Substantial, Supereminent, Superior, Swollen, Tall, Throned, Tidy, Toplofty, Unwieldy, Uppish, Uppity, Upstage, Voluminous, Weighty, Whacking, Whopping, Windy, World-Shaking