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Biggety Aggressively Self-Confident, Bluff, Bold, Brash, Bumptious, Cheeky, Chesty, Chutzpadik, Cocky, Conceited, Contemptuous, Crusty, Derisive, Disrespectful, Facy, Flip, Flippant, Forward, Fresh, Gally, Gratuitous, Immodest, Impertinent, Impudent, Know-It-All, Malapert, Nervy, Obtrusive, Overwise, Peacockish, Peacocky, Perk, Perky, Pert, Procacious, Puffed Up, Rude, Sassy, Saucy, Self-Conceited, Self-Opinionated, Smart, Smart-Alecky, Smart-Ass, Stuck-Up, Swelled-Headed, Uncalled-For, Wise-Ass