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Bigot Anglophobe, Russophobe, Approver, Ass, Bitter-Ender, Bug, Bullethead, Chauvinist, Diehard, Doctrinaire, Dogmatist, Dogmatizer, Donkey, Fanatic, Fiend, Freak, Hardnose, Hater, Illiberal, Infallibilist, Intolerant, Intransigeant, Intransigent, Jingo, Last-Ditcher, Male Chauvinist, Man-Hater, Maniac, Maverick, Misanthrope, Misanthropist, Misogynist, Mule, Nut, Opinionist, Perverse Fool, Pig, Pighead, Positivist, Purist, Racist, Sexist, Standpat, Standpatter, Stickler, Superpatriot, Ultranationalist, Woman-Hater, Xenophobe, Zealot