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Bigoted Sabbatarian, Authoritarian, Balking, Balky, Biased, Bigot, Borne, Bulldogged, Bulletheaded, Bullheaded, Case-Hardened, Closed, Conceited, Conservative, Constricted, Cramped, Creedbound, Deaf, Deaf To Reason, Doctrinaire, Doctrinarian, Dogged, Dogmatic, Dogmatizing, Evangelical, Extravagant, Extreme, Extremist, Fanatic, Fanatical, Fundamentalist, Haggard, Hardheaded, Headstrong, Hidebound, Hyperorthodox, Illiberal, Inordinate, Insular, Intolerant, Irrational, Jaundiced, Lily-White, Literalist, Literalistic, Little, Little-Minded, Mean, Mean-Minded, Mean-Spirited, Mulish, Narrow, Narrow-Hearted, Narrow-Minded, Narrow-Souled, Narrow-Spirited, Nearsighted, Obstinate, One-Sided, Opinionated, Opinionative, Opinioned, Oracular, Overenthusiastic, Overreligious, Overzealous, Parochial, Partial, Peremptory, Perfervid, Persevering, Pertinacious, Petty, Pigheaded, Pontifical, Positive, Positivistic, Precisianist, Precisianistic, Prejudiced, Pronunciative, Provincial, Purblind, Purist, Puristic, Puritanical, Rabid, Restive, Self-Opinionated, Self-Opinioned, Self-Willed, Set, Shortsighted, Small, Small-Minded, Staunch, Stiff-Necked, Straitlaced, Strict, Strong-Willed, Strongheaded, Stubborn, Stuffy, Sulky, Sullen, Tenacious, Ultrazealous, Uncatholic, Uncharitable, Uncooperative, Ungenerous, Unliberal, Unreasonable, Unregenerate, Wild-Eyed, Wild-Looking, Willful, Zealotic