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Bilious Allergic, Anemic, Angry, Apoplectic, Arthritic, Bad-Tempered, Bitter, Cancerous, Chlorotic, Choleric, Colicky, Consumptive, Cross, Dropsical, Dyspeptic, Edematous, Embittered, Encephalitic, Epileptic, Ill-Natured, Ill-Tempered, Jaundiced, Laryngitic, Leprous, Luetic, Malarial, Malignant, Measly, Nephritic, Neuralgic, Neuritic, Palsied, Paralytic, Peevish, Petulant, Phthisic, Pleuritic, Pneumonic, Pocky, Podagric, Rachitic, Rheumatic, Rickety, Scorbutic, Scrofulous, Sour, Sour-Tempered, Soured, Tabetic, Tabid, Testy, Tetchy, Tubercular, Tuberculous, Tumorigenic, Tumorous, Vinegarish, Wrathful