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Bitchy Abusive, Back-Biting, Baleful, Bearish, Belittling, Calumniatory, Calumnious, Cankered, Cantankerous, Catty, Censorious, Churlish, Contemptuous, Contumelious, Crabbed, Cranky, Cross, Cross-Grained, Crusty, Cussed, Defamatory, Deprecatory, Depreciative, Depreciatory, Derisive, Derisory, Derogative, Derogatory, Despiteful, Detractory, Disagreeable, Disparaging, Evil, Excitable, Feisty, Fractious, Harmful, Hateful, Huffish, Huffy, Iniquitous, Invidious, Irascible, Irritable, Libelous, Malefic, Maleficent, Malevolent, Malicious, Malign, Malignant, Mean, Minimizing, Nasty, Noxious, Ornery, Pejorative, Perverse, Rancorous, Ridiculing, Scandalous, Scurrile, Scurrilous, Slanderous, Slighting, Snappish, Spiteful, Spleeny, Splenetic, Testy, Ugly, Vicious, Vilifying, Waspish, Wicked