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Bite Acerbity, Acidity, Acridity, Acrimony, Acuminate, Acute Pain, Adhere To, Afflict, Agonize, Ail, Allotment, Allowance, And Sinker, Astringency, Auger, Bait, Be A Sucker, Be Keen, Be Taken In, Bear Hug, Benumb, Big End, Bigger Half, Bit, Bite The Tongue, Bitingness, Bitterness, Bolus, Bore, Boring Pain, Briskness, Bristle With, Broach, Budget, Burn, Causticity, Chafe, Champ, Charley Horse, Chaw, Chew, Chew The Cud, Chew Up, Chill, Chomp, Chunk, Clamp, Clasp, Cleave To, Clench, Clinch, Cling, Clinging, Clip, Clutch, Collation, Commission, Contingent, Convulse, Corrode, Countersink, Cramp, Cramps, Crick, Crucify, Crunch, Cud, Cut, Cuttingness, Darting Pain, Deal, Death Grip, Destiny, Devour, Distress, Dividend, Dole, Drill, Drive, Eat, Eat Away, Eat Out, Eat Up, Edge, Effectiveness, Embrace, Empierce, End, Equal Share, Erode, Etch, Excruciate, Fall For, Fate, Fester, Fierceness, Firm Hold, Fix, Foothold, Footing, Force, Forcefulness, Freeze, Freeze To, Fret, Frost, Frostbite, Fulgurant Pain, Gall, Ginger, Girdle Pain, Give Pain, Gnash, Gnaw, Gnawing, Go For, Go Through, Gob, Gobble Up, Gore, Gouge, Gouge Out, Grapple, Grasp, Grate, Grind, Grip, Gripe, Griping, Gulp Down, Gum, Guts, Half, Halver, Hang On, Hang On To, Harrow, Harshness, Have An Edge, Helping, Hitch, Hold, Hold Fast, Hold On, Hold On To, Hold Tight, Hole, Honeycomb, Hotness, Hug, Hurt, Impale, Impressiveness, Incisiveness, Inflame, Inflict Pain, Interest, Iron Grip, Irritate, Jumping Pain, Keenness, Keep Hold Of, Kick, Kill By Inches, Kink, Lacerate, Lance, Lancinating Pain, Lap Up, Lick, Light Lunch, Light Meal, Light Repast, Line, Liveliness, Lot, Martyr, Martyrize, Masticate, Measure, Meed, Mess, Modicum, Moiety, Mordacity, Mordancy, Morsel, Mouth, Mouthful, Mumble, Munch, Needle, Nervosity, Nervousness, Never Let Go, Nibble, Nip, Nippiness, Nosh, Numb, Pain, Pang, Paroxysm, Part, Penetrate, Pepperiness, Percentage, Perforate, Piece, Pierce, Pinch, Pink, Poignancy, Point, Portion, Power, Prick, Prolong The Agony, Proportion, Punch, Puncture, Purchase, Put To Torture, Quantum, Quid, Quota, Raciness, Rack, Rake-Off, Rankle, Rasp, Ration, Ream, Ream Out, Refreshments, Refrigerate, Relish, Riddle, Rigor, Roughness, Rub, Ruminate, Run Through, Scour, Scrap, Scrunch, Segment, Seizure, Severity, Share, Sharp Pain, Sharpness, Shoot, Shooting, Shooting Pain, Sinew, Sinewiness, Sip, Skewer, Slice, Small Share, Snack, Snap, Snappiness, Spasm, Spear, Spice, Spiciness, Spike, Spit, Spot Of Lunch, Stab, Stabbing Pain, Stake, Stick, Stick To, Sting, Stitch, Stock, Strength, Stridency, Stringency, Strong Language, Sup, Swallow, Swallow Anything, Swallow Hook, Swallow Whole, Swing At, Take The Bait, Tang, Tanginess, Tap, Tartness, Taste, Teeth, Thrill, Throes, Tight Grip, Toehold, Tooth, Tormen, Torment, Torture, Transfix, Transpierce, Trenchancy, Trepan, Trephine, Tumble For, Tweak, Twinge, Twist, Twitch, Vehemence, Vigor, Vigorousness, Violence, Virulence, Vitality, Wear Away, Wound, Wrench, Wring, Zest, Zestfulness, Zip