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Bizarre Gothic, Absurd, Amusing, Antic, Awe-Inspiring, Awesome, Awful, Awing, Baroque, Beyond Belief, Brain-Born, Cockamamie, Crazy, Curious, Deformed, Deviant, Dream-Built, Droll, Eccentric, Eerie, Erratic, Extravagant, Fanciful, Fancy-Born, Fancy-Built, Fancy-Woven, Fantasque, Fantastic, Florid, Foolish, Freak, Freakish, Funny, Grotesque, High-Flown, Hilarious, Humorous, Incongruous, Incredible, Irregular, Kinky, Laughable, Ludicrous, Maggoty, Malformed, Misbegotten, Misshapen, Monstrous, Mysterious, Nonconforming, Nonconformist, Nonsensical, Notional, Numinous, Odd, Oddball, Offbeat, Outlandish, Outrageous, Outre, Peculiar, Poppycockish, Preposterous, Priceless, Quaint, Queer, Quizzical, Rich, Ridiculous, Risible, Rococo, Screaming, Singular, Strange, Teratogenic, Teratoid, Uncanny, Unconventional, Unusual, Weird, Whimsical, Wild, Witty