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Blab Agreeable Rattle, Babble, Babblement, Babbler, Bavardage, Be Indiscreet, Be Unguarded, Bear Witness Against, Betray, Betray A Confidence, Betrayer, Bibble-Babble, Big Talker, Blabber, Blabberer, Blabbermouth, Blah-Blah, Blather, Blatherer, Blether, Blethers, Blow The Whistle, Blurt, Blurt Out, Broadcast, Cackle, Caquet, Caqueterie, Chat, Chatter, Chatterbox, Chatterer, Chitter-Chatter, Clack, Clatter, Delator, Disclose, Dither, Divulge, Expose, Fink, Gab, Gabber, Gabble, Gabbler, Gas, Gasbag, Gibber, Gibble-Gabble, Gibble-Gabbler, Give Away, Go On, Gossip, Great Talker, Guff, Gush, Haver, Hot Air, Hot-Air Artist, Idle Chatterer, Idle Talk, Inform, Inform Against, Inform On, Informer, Jabber, Jabberer, Jaw, Jay, Leak, Let Drop, Let Fall, Let Slip, Magpie, Mere Talk, Moulin A Paroles, Narc, Natter, Noise About, Nonsense Talk, Palaver, Patter, Patterer, Peach, Peacher, Pour Forth, Prate, Prater, Prating, Prattle, Prattler, Prittle-Prattle, Ramble On, Rat, Rattle, Rattle On, Reel Off, Reveal, Reveal A Secret, Rumor, Run On, Sell Out, Sing, Snitch, Snitch On, Snitcher, Spill, Spill The Beans, Spout, Spout Off, Spy, Squeal, Squealer, Stool, Stool Pigeon, Stoolie, Talebearer, Talk, Talk Away, Talk Nonsense, Talk On, Talkee-Talkee, Tattle, Tattle On, Tattler, Tattletale, Tell On, Tell Secrets, Tell Tales, Telltale, Testify Against, Tittle-Tattle, Turn Informer, Twaddle, Twattle, Waffle, Whistle-Blower, Windbag, Windjammer, Word-Slinger, Yak, Yakkety-Yak