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Black Hole Beehive, Cepheid Variable, Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram, Hyades, Messier Catalog, Ngc, Pow Camp, Pleiades, Seven Sisters, Absolute Magnitude, Bastille, Binary Star, Borstal, Borstal Institution, Bridewell, Brig, Cell, Concentration Camp, Condemned Cell, Death Cell, Death House, Death Row, Detention Camp, Double Star, Dwarf Star, Federal Prison, Fixed Star, Forced-Labor Camp, Gaol, Giant Star, Globular Cluster, Gravity Star, Guardhouse, House Of Correction, House Of Detention, Industrial School, Internment Camp, Jail, Jailhouse, Keep, Labor Camp, Lockup, Magnitude, Main Sequence Star, Mass-Luminosity Law, Maximum-Security Prison, Minimum-Security Prison, Neutron Star, Nova, Open Cluster, Oubliette, Pen, Penal Colony, Penal Institution, Penal Settlement, Penitentiary, Populations, Prison, Prison Camp, Prisonhouse, Pulsar, Quasar, Quasi-Stellar Radio Source, Radio Star, Red Giant Star, Reform School, Reformatory, Relative Magnitude, Sky Atlas, Spectrum-Luminosity Diagram, Sponging House, Star, Star Catalog, Star Chart, Star Cloud, Star Cluster, State Prison, Stellar Magnitude, Stockade, Supernova, The Hole, Tollbooth, Training School, Variable Star, White Dwarf Star