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Blackleg Texas Fever, Anthrax, Aphthous Fever, Bighead, Black Quarter, Blackwater, Blind Staggers, Bloody Flux, Broken Wind, Cattle Plague, Charbon, Cheat, Cheater, Chiseler, Cozener, Crook, Defrauder, Diddler, Distemper, Fink, Flimflam Man, Flimflammer, Foot-And-Mouth Disease, Gapes, Glanders, Gyp Artist, Gypper, Heaves, Hog Cholera, Hoof-And-Mouth Disease, Hydrophobia, Juggler, Liver Rot, Loco, Loco Disease, Locoism, Mad Staggers, Malignant Catarrh, Malignant Catarrhal Fever, Malignant Pustule, Mange, Megrims, Milzbrand, Paratuberculosis, Pip, Pseudotuberculosis, Quarter Evil, Rabies, Rat, Rinderpest, Rot, Scab, Scabies, Sheep Rot, Splenic Fever, Staggers, Strikebreaker, Stringhalt, Swindler, Swine Dysentery, Two-Timer