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Blackmail Account, Allowance, Ask, Ask For, Assessment, Badger, Badger Game, Bill, Blood Money, Bloodsucking, Boodle, Booty, Call, Call For, Challenge, Claim, Clamor For, Coerce, Compel, Contribution, Cry For, Demand, Demand For, Draft, Drain, Duty, Emolument, Exact, Exaction, Extort, Extortion, Extortionate Demand, Fee, Footing, Force, Force From, Graft, Haul, Heavy Demand, Hot Goods, Hush Money, Impose, Imposition, Impost, Indent, Initiation Fee, Insistent Demand, Issue An Ultimatum, Levy, Levy Blackmail, Loot, Make, Make A Demand, Mileage, Nonnegotiable Demand, Notice, Order, Order Up, Perks, Perquisite, Pickings, Place An Order, Plunder, Pork Barrel, Prize, Protection Racket, Pry Loose From, Public Till, Public Trough, Put In Requisition, Ransom, Reckoning, Rend, Rend From, Require, Requirement, Requisition, Retainer, Retaining Fee, Rip, Rip From, Rush, Rush Order, Scot, Screw, Shake Down, Shakedown, Snatch From, Spoil, Spoils, Spoils Of Office, Squeeze, Stealings, Stipend, Stolen Goods, Swag, Take, Tax, Taxing, Tear From, Till, Tribute, Ultimatum, Vampirism, Warn, Warning, Wrench, Wrench From, Wrest, Wring, Wring From