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Blah Laodicean, Olympian, Acedia, Aloof, Aloofness, Apathetic, Apathy, Arid, Ataraxia, Ataraxy, Balderdash, Baloney, Banausic, Barren, Benumbed, Benumbedness, Bilge, Blah-Blah, Blahs, Blank, Blase, Blather, Blatherskite, Bloodless, Bop, Bosh, Broken-Record, Bull, Bullshit, Bunk, Bunkum, Characterless, Cold, Colorless, Comatose, Comatoseness, Crap, Dead, Desensitized, Detached, Detachment, Dim, Disinterest, Disinterested, Dismal, Dispassion, Draggy, Drearisome, Dreary, Dry, Dryasdust, Dull, Dullness, Dusty, Effete, Elephantine, Empty, Etiolated, Everlasting, Eyewash, Fade, Flapdoodle, Flat, Gas, Guff, Gup, Harping, Heartless, Heartlessness, Heavy, Hebetude, Hebetudinous, Ho-Hum, Hogwash, Hokum, Hollow, Hooey, Hopeless, Hopelessness, Hot Air, Humbug, Humdrum, In A Stupor, Inane, Inappetence, Indifference, Indifferent, Inexcitable, Insipid, Insouciance, Insouciant, Invariable, Jejune, Jog-Trot, Lack Of Appetite, Languid, Languidness, Leaden, Lethargic, Lethargicalness, Lethargy, Lifeless, Listless, Listlessness, Long-Winded, Low-Spirited, Malarkey, Monotone, Monotonous, Moonshine, Nonchalance, Nonchalant, Numb, Numbed, Numbness, Pale, Pallid, Passive, Passiveness, Passivity, Pedestrian, Phlegm, Phlegmatic, Phlegmaticalness, Phlegmaticness, Piffle, Plodding, Pluckless, Plucklessness, Pointless, Poky, Ponderous, Poppycock, Prolix, Resignation, Resigned, Resignedness, Rot, Scat, Shit, Singsong, Slack, Sloth, Slow, Sluggish, Sluggishness, Solemn, Sopor, Soporific, Soporifousness, Spiritless, Spiritlessness, Spunkless, Spunklessness, Sterile, Stiff, Stodgy, Stoic, Stuffy, Stupefaction, Stupefied, Stupor, Superficial, Supine, Supineness, Tasteless, Tedious, Tommyrot, Torpid, Torpidity, Torpidness, Torpor, Treadmill, Tripe, Uncaring, Unconcern, Unconcerned, Uneventful, Uninterested, Unlively, Unvarying, Vapid, Wind, Withdrawn, Withdrawnness, Wooden