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Blasted Ausgespielt, Baffled, Balked, Bankrupt, Betrayed, Bilked, Blamed, Blankety-Blank, Blessed, Blighted, Blown, Broken, Chapfallen, Confounded, Crestfallen, Crossed, Crushed, Cursed, Cussed, Dadburned, Danged, Darned, Dashed, Defeated, Desolated, Despoiled, Destroyed, Deuced, Devastated, Disappointed, Dished, Disillusioned, Dissatisfied, Doggone, Doggoned, Done For, Done In, Down-And-Out, Fallen, Finished, Flyblown, Foiled, Frowsty, Frowsy, Frowzy, Frustrated, Fusty, Goldanged, Goldarned, Gone To Pot, Goshdarn, Gross, Ill Done-By, Ill-Served, In Ruins, Irremediable, Kaput, Let Down, Maggoty, Mildewed, Moldering, Moldy, Moth-Eaten, Musty, Out Of Countenance, Outright, Overthrown, Positive, Rank, Ravaged, Regretful, Ruddy, Ruined, Ruinous, Smutted, Smutty, Sorely Disappointed, Soured, Spoiled, Thwarted, Undone, Unmitigated, Wasted, Weevily, Worm-Eaten, Wormy, Wrecked