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Bleached Bare, Barren, Blanched, Bland, Blank, Bleached White, Bright, Characterless, Clean, Cleanly, Clear, Dainty, Decolored, Decolorized, Devoid, Dirt-Free, Drained, Drained Of Color, Empty, Eroded, Faded, Fair, Fastidious, Featureless, Fresh, Hollow, Immaculate, Inane, Insipid, Kosher, Lightened, Nonpolluted, Null, Null And Void, Of Cleanly Habits, Pure, Ritually Pure, Shiny, Smut-Free, Smutless, Spotless, Stainless, Sweet, Tahar, Tubbed, Unadulterated, Unbesmirched, Unblemished, Unblotted, Undefiled, Unmuddied, Unpolluted, Unrelieved, Unsmirched, Unsmudged, Unsoiled, Unspotted, Unstained, Unsullied, Untainted, Untarnished, Vacant, Vacuous, Void, Washed-Out, Weather-Battered, Weather-Beaten, Weather-Bitten, Weather-Eaten, Weather-Wasted, Weathered, Weatherworn, Well-Scrubbed, Well-Washed, White, Whitened, With Nothing Inside, Without Content