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Bleed Abridge, Abuse, Ache, Agonize, Anguish, Be Sorry For, Bereave, Bleed For, Bleed White, Bloody, Broach, Brood Over, Clip, Commiserate, Compassionate, Condole With, Cup, Curtail, Cut Off, Decant, Denude, Deplume, Deprive, Deprive Of, Despoil, Discharge, Disentitle, Displume, Divest, Draft, Draft Off, Drain, Draw, Draw From, Draw Off, Dry, Ease One Of, Ecchymose, Effuse, Emit, Empty, Excrete, Exfiltrate, Exhaust, Exploit, Extravasate, Exudate, Exude, Feel For, Feel Sorrow For, Feel Sorry For, Filter, Filtrate, Flay, Fleece, Fret, Give A Transfusion, Give Off, Go Hard With, Gouge, Grieve, Hemorrhage, Hold Up, Hurt, Ill-Use, Impose Upon, Impoverish, Lament For, Leach, Leech, Let, Let Blood, Let Out, Lighten One Of, Lixiviate, Lose Blood, Make Use Of, Manipulate, Milk, Mine, Misuse, Mope, Mourn, Mulct, Ooze, Overcharge, Overprice, Overtax, Percolate, Perfuse, Phlebotomize, Pick Clean, Pine, Pine Away, Pipette, Pity, Play On, Pluck, Presume Upon, Profiteer, Pump, Pump Out, Reek, Rook, Screw, Seep, Sew, Shear, Shed Blood, Siphon Off, Skin, Soak, Sorrow, Spill Blood, Stick, Sting, Strain, Strip, Strip Bare, Stroke, Suck, Suck Dry, Suck Out, Suffer, Suffer Anguish, Surcharge, Sweat, Swindle, Sympathize, Sympathize With, Take Advantage Of, Take Away From, Take From, Take On, Tap, Transfuse, Transpire, Transude, Use, Use Ill, Venesect, Victimize, Weep, Weep For, Work On, Work Upon, Writhe